Tuesday, 17 of January of 2017

About me

My name is Koos du Preez and I am a Seattle based GUE Instructor and a founding member and the President of a local non-profit organization called “GUE Seattle” (The official GUE Affiliate here in Seattle)

Lots of people ask me; “Why GUE?” or “How did you find GUE?”. Well, I believe in a few simple things; quality, safety and proficiency and when I pursued these ideals as a diving instructor, I found GUE to stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

Born out of extreme exploration and research diving, GUE diver Education is renowned to produce some of the best, safest and most proficient recreational and technical divers in the world and GUE is able to deliver on these three pillars without compromise.

When I completed my GUE Fundamentals training in 2010, I realized that in order to stay true to my beliefs, GUE was the only logical choice for diving education and I started to pursue my dream goal of becoming a GUE Instructor.

Today there are only about 8 actively teaching GUE Technical diving Instructors the USA and of those, I am the only GUE instructor within the Northwestern United States.

GUE solemnly protects the quality and integrity of its education system and instructor core through a very rigorous Instructor development program that differentiates itself from any other SCUBA diving agency by raising the bar in quality, safety and credibility.

Becoming a GUE Instructor is certainly not for everyone and not everyone who sets out to become a GUE instructor will necessarily prove to have the skill, tenacity, dedication and integrity to make the cut.

So, what does this exclusivity mean for you? It means that when you enroll in any GUE course, you are guaranteed to receive some of the best diving education in the world that is unparalleled in quality and safety.

It is also important to understand that because of this high bar in quality and safety, GUE certifications are earned and not simply handed to you after you have paid the price of admission and got an instructor to run you through a checklist of skills.

On the contrary, GUE courses are goal oriented and students own and progressively work towards those goals, so when you successfully graduate from a GUE course, you will have earned an industry coveted certification and that is an achievement to be well proud of!

As a GUE Instructor, I focus on the Education and development of extremely proficient and safety conscious divers that can further the Research, Exploration and Conservation efforts in the Northwestern United states and that will ultimately contribute to the protection and preservation of our worldwide aquatic resources.

Please feel free browse around on my web page or drop me an email for more information:

E-Mail: koos@gue.com
Telephone: 1-425-358-0123
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kdupreez
Skype: koos.dupreez

And If you are new to GUE and want to find out What GUE has always been about and what GUE can bring to your diving, please take 10 minutes and sit through the following video.

What GUE has always been about